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The story

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This story begins with a great artist who crossed my life...

My father, Henri Guédon, was an artist from Martinique

exceptional creativity and personality.

Inventive and spontaneous visual artist, creator of pictorial works as well as sculptures or monuments, his productions are all inhabited by an extraordinary energy. Also an impressive percussionist and composer, he has always made sure to break the codes by bringing together Afro-Caribbean, jazz or classical colors in his music.

At his side, my life has been studded with encounters with artists from all walks of life and I have had the chance to share exceptional human and professional adventures. I was particularly inspired by the incredibly unifying aspect of his art and his ability to transform everyday life… A notebook, a hairbrush, an old typewriter became, on contact with him, an Aztec warrior, a bird or a sculpture of infinite poetry.

During his lifetime, I offered him to share his work with a greater number of people, by transferring his works to everyday objects. A cup, a notebook, a t-shirt, a luminous box, would in turn become the cases for one or more creations. I spent several years finding the most suitable materials and supports to both showcase his work and make it accessible to everyone. I also make it a point of honor to have these singular objects made in France and to promote short circuits.

If the starting point of this project is the work of my father, it will soon evolve with other artists that I admire and that I wish to highlight through new, ever more original proposals.


Come get inspired! Because this art story

and family, it continues with you!

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